Hi! I’m Catharine.

I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) specializing in perinatal wellness but you might also call me a motherhood transition navigator, a “finding myself again” detective and a fierce work-life balance seeker.

Even on good days, motherhood is challenging. I’ve been there. I wish someone helped me better prepare for the postpartum period. It takes a village to support a mom and our society lacks that community, so I’m building it! All moms need good support in place for when they feel overwhelmed, when they question if this is what they were meant to do. Sometimes my clients need to process a traumatic event, other clients need someone to listen, I’m here for both.

 I help women through life transitions, mainly those in motherhood, who feel as though they have no idea who they are anymore and long to reclaim their identity. I help women who suddenly don’t feel they are enough in one area [or many] of their life harness their resources and strengths so they can feel empowered. I want you to recognize the woman staring back at you in the mirror, on the rare occasion that you take a moment to peer into the mirror!

I know from my own journey into becoming a mom that motherhood is toughbrutal at times. It’s easy to lose yourself in the process and one day you wake up wondering, “Who am I? Where did time go? (and when is the last time I had a pedicure… or a shower?!) This isn’t anything like I expected. How did I get here and what the heck do I do next?” I help women navigate these stressors which are often accompanied by perinatal emotional complications, so you feel strong, empowered and whole again.

You are NOT alone and you DESERVE wellness. It does get better!

What do I believe?

Authenticity- being real with myself, my peers, and you. I am a  therapist but first I am a mom and a wife, all of the above are tough at times!

Affirmation- I welcome clients ready to change & grow, I value cultural and gender identity and love that families come in all shapes and sizes!

Community- It takes a village to nurture a woman. Collaborating with other professionals to support your whole self helps you feel well sooner.

Compassion- I have realistic expectations for you, and want you to feel the same. Your life feels upside-down, self-kindness is essential and deserved.

Humor- When your life looks [and sometimes smells] like a blender with no lid,  we laugh, and cry, and work with it!

Imperfection- Embrace your imperfection! I want you to value your contribution and feel good enough, because you are, just for being you.

Self-Care -It can be so easy to put yourself on the back burner. Part of my work is giving you permission to tend to your nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep needs- You deserve an abundant life and wellness.


Invest in the health of your entire family by investing in your own wellness and call 860-837-0204 to schedule a Free 10-minute consultation today. If we’re a good fit I would love to have you come in and we can get started. 

Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.
— Eleanor Brownn

On a personal note...

I love my rescue dogs, three nutty German Shepherd mixes, poking around in my veggie garden that I sometimes forget to weed, short walks on the beach and long strolls through Target. I enjoy under-rated 90s romantic comedies, clicking through lofty ideas on Pinterest and occasionally might be caught singing along to Kidz Bop, only occasionally. 

I usually have a latte in hand and if I don't I have one on my mind.  

I live in Central Connecticut with my awesome husband, kiddos and above mentioned dogs. I love to vacation late in the summer up north for a cool reprieve and try to soak up every blissful moment of Autumn. If only it could be 55 degrees and vibrantly colorful year-round! 

My bliss. Coffee, a good book, and autumn!

My bliss. Coffee, a good book, and autumn!