Meet Mischa!


 Hi! I’m Micha Hadaway, Growing Well Counseling’s first clinical associate therapist!

Pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum can be gratifying, blissful, and full of joy and happiness. However, for many families it is exactly the opposite, and for many reasons. Some levels of stress, intense and unpredictable emotions, and some feelings of uncertainty with a newborn can all be normal.  

My intention is to help you find your rhythm in this new role, regardless of whether or not you are a first-time mom. To improve the feelings associated with your experience of motherhood, by working together to process the sad, scary, or negative memories of your birth story in a way that empowers, nurtures, and supports you. Through our work I want to remind you of your worth and show you that you are not just mom.

My Motto…

Dream- Never give up keep trying. Always set a goal and work toward something but always remember to be humble and work hard.

Celebrate- I’m all about creating an abundant life and valuing all those that we get the pleasure and ability to share it with. The little things are just as important as the big ones!

Diversity- I appreciate and surround myself with diverse cultures, traditions, ethnicities and lifestyles which is showcased in the food I cook and the places I have traveled to and plan to visit one day. Neither of my parents were born in the US.

Family and Community- Nurturing begins with you, it’s much more difficult to build others up if you’re working from a “cup half full”, it absolutely takes a village! That village is made up of whomever you need in your corner. Family comes in many forms.

Self care- Find a silver lining in everyday, that means not just the bad ones.  

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On a personal note…

I am a loved and loving daughter, sister, aunt, friend, home chef, doula, social worker and entrepreneur. I am kindhearted, honest, trustworthy, faithful, hardworking, and genuine. Also I’m a budget conscious fashionista, self-proclaimed foodie, and a budding yogi. During my free time, you can typically catch me scrolling for events, my favorite are free ones, or pinning things on Pinterest, recipes, hair styles, and home décor to mention a few. I consider myself to be goofy, with a pretty good sense of humor and a super contagious laugh. Waking up super early, making a cup of tea, and getting back into bed before the day starts is my idea of a good start to the weekend on Saturday mornings.

I enjoy cooking, baking, but eating the most. Baking yummy snacks is my happy place. I’m tip-toeing into a vegan lifestyle, exercise as often as I can, and my favorite beverage to drink is water. I love to travel and I live to stamp my passport. I listen to all types of music, at all times of the day, and sing emphatically as though I am competing for The Voice, and it’s elimination night.

Dreaming is no good without a plan, motivation, or follow through, which means I am reliable and meticulous. But I also love to give back to others and spend some of my free time volunteering, as a Child Life Volunteer with CCMC. I have my BA in Social Work, (from the Catholic University of America,) MSW (from Simmons College), and am an LCSW. I am a Reiki practitioner and a Birth Doula. Continuing education is important to me and I love to learn.

Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.”
— Deborah Day

You deserve to feel well and enjoy your motherhood journey. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with me, call 860-837-0204 to schedule a Free 10-minute consultation today. If we’re a good fit I would love to have you come in and we can get started.