Below are a few awesome things that I have recommended to clients, or clients have shared with me, to make mothering a teeny tiny bit easier, sometimes.  

Local Resources:

All-Things-Birth- Sarah Schindler is an amazingly talented massage therapist finishing her education in Naturopathic Medicine with a passion for helping moms- she is one of the few Arvigo massage therapists in the state!

Bean Tree Baby- Your local shoppe for amazing cloth diapers, baby carriers, staffed by awesome trained baby-wearing experts- catch one of their great workshops offered regularly and learn more about cloth-diapering and baby wearing!

Collaborative Natural Health Partners is a one-of-a-kind hybrid Western/Eastern medicine mecca- you can see the DO’s for primary care and ND’s for more holistic treatment options, there is a nutritionist on staff and they do an excellent job of collaborating with physicians and midwives for fertility and postpartum wellness.

Compass Wellness Center- located in New Britain, CT this is your one-stop shop for lactation consultants, amazing perinatal massage, doulas, mom groups, chiropractic care and more!

Dr. Jeanne Fuqua- located right across the river in historic Old Wethersfield, many of my clients have received exceptional care with Dr. Fuqua’s many talents- she is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and acupuncturist and has a passion for women’s health and fertility.

Good Reads

Your comfort prenatally and postpartum: